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  • Trade Club for VXR Members

    A few clubs give trade club membership to members who upgrade their membership. Is this something we could implement? I'm not sure on the logistics behind it, but I think it'd sway more people to upgrade to 'VXR' status.

    I've thought about upgrading on an Astra club, but would rather support TC.

    Just an idea

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    I think JT has looked into this at some stage., I remember mentioning it a while back as I had a similar deal via VVOC (before they began charging people to access the help sections of the site which I objected to.)

    The thing is that it's at the dealership's discretion as they are all franchises. Some will do it and some won't. Our local part distribution dept know me quite well so I get trade prices for everything - but on the receipt appears the name of a large local company as it's the only way they can do it. But that's Vauxhall's own parts distribution hub, not a franchised dealer. (I go there because they carry stock, whereas if you go to a franchised dealership their parts dept always has to order things in.)

    I could pop in and ask them how it would work if that's any use?
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      I haven't looked into that idea, maybe Tim? I'm not sure where I'd ever start to be honest...


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        I remember mentioning it a while back - but I can't remember which thread it was in.
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          I'm struggling with who to contact for this, suggestions and I'll wing an email across.
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            There is an online application form to apply for Trade Club Membership. Please can I ask that nobody else submits this application form as I have already done so earlier today. Repeat applications with differeing details will only serve to de-value our application merit.

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              Well done that man.
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