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    Hi all,

    We have a feature which auto closes threads after 180 days. It's not new (I implemented it before the site went live) but I thought it would be good to give a bit more detail of it.

    This is only active in the following sections:

    Technical Help (Tutorials are excluded from this)
    Classified Ads
    Meets & Events

    Any thread in those sections will automatically close 181 days after creation to stop old thread bumps by new users. If you have a reason a thread needs to be kept open please PM me (include a link to the thread) and I can exclude it from this until you are OK for it to be closed - this isn't here to hinder you so I'm happy to exclude any thread you wish if there is a reason it should be open.

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    Might be an idea to exclude the Tutorial threads from auto-closing in the Technical Help section if they're not already.
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      Tutorials are already excluded, forgot to mention that


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        maybe exclude national shows?

        these threads sometimes go up pretty early


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          They can be done when needed, 180 days is 6 months - I can't see them going up that early?


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            yeahh. i was too tired work out how long that was