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Site Outage 06/08/13

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  • Site Outage 06/08/13

    We had another outage today, I'm afraid right now I don't know exactly what has caused it (it's possible there was an attack on the site but I don't have enough information to actually confirm this).

    What have I done about it?
    1. Updated all software on server
    2. Added remote monitoring to alert me when site is down

    I will continue to monitor with the other admins, if any of you notice it, please contact me (I'm usually quite responsive on Facebook, on this occasion I was in a meeting so couldn't easily sort the issue).

    If the issues continue I will look to rebuild the server, we are relatively static with the content and plugins now so we can easily migrate without any of you guys really noticing (I'd do it in the middle of the night).

    We will do all we can to ensure the site is stable for you all

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    Nice one JT!
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      I have now tracked down the issue, oom-killer is getting involved. For some reason the VPS didn't have a swap file so I've introduced one (it'll be fast as it's SSD disk based). This should help but will continue to monitor.