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  • 60 warranty query

    I recently bought a car under a 60 day warranty I have phoned about problem and waiting to the the ok to take it to a local garage , the car is shaking when idle i told them this , after i phoned them the low coolant light came on , the coolant was very low i topped it up but it went low again under a day. Should i tell them i topped up coolant then it went low again ? Dont want to give them ammunition to say I voided the warranty by putting it in thanks

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    Hi welcome to the forum

    It might be a good idea to ask the local trading standards what they advise and get them involved at an early stage. . I am sorry to say both the rough idle and the coolant loss could be related and due to a blown head gasket. But there could be another,less serious cause for each

    . They could try and claim the car was ok when sold and later overheated and blew the headgasket because you neglected to check coolant level ,or did not stop soon enough, should have had the car towed to a garage , blah blah blah.

    To you and I this is nonsense. But faced with a large repair bill some dealers will try and wriggle out of warranties by trying to shift blame to you , using hindsight to say " if only you had done this, or not done that" and make your perfectly sensible action appear wrong.

    Hopefully they will put it right under warranty without quibble.

    But dont expect trading standards to tell you to be more economical with the truth. At least not directly. But knowing your rights and having some ready responses if they try to divert blame ( such as' you sold a car that was not fit for purpose because it had a serious leak. Thats what caused any damage, not my later reasonable attempts to minimise it ') will help. If they attempt to 'try it on' they will often back down when they realise you are not any easy touch and have already consulted trading standards.
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