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Thanks for all the help!

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  • Thanks for all the help!

    Thanks for all the help with my Corsa D Emissions problems!

    Corsa D Emissions Test Failure - Forums

    I found it a very daunting task to work out what the hell was going on with this car, and have gone from not having a clue how the engine management/emissions control system works, to knowing all the component parts, their function, how to test them and where to find them! At one point my wife was talking about scrapping this car because of the problems we were having with it! Now, having methodically worked out the failure modes and root causes, we have a working car again! I particularly wanted to fix it as we want our daughter to have it!

    If there is one thing the internet has achieved it has been the ability to connect people, allowing them to discuss problems and solve them! Thanks again!