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  • Cookie consent pop up

    Some of you might notice a new pop up on the site about Cookies, this is to comply with EU law. The site hasn't been changed - the only thing that has changed is that we have to notify you that we use cookies (most sites do!).

    A little more about the law is available on the internet should you wish to look it up.

    Our cookie policy: Forums - Cookie Policy

  • #2
    These pop ups piss me off so much. It's ok on sites you regular visit but when going on new ones is so irritating:@

    Stupid laws


    • #3
      Yeah, it pains me to do it (especially as I've thrown a quick pre-created free one on here) - I'll try to make it neater at some point.


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        Tracker cookies with TheCorsa Gods spying on us.


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          It's a slippery slope from here. Next we'll have a new mobile app and maybe even some targeted adverts to destroy the member base.
          Please contact me via PM if you would like to transfer your AllCorsa Gold Membership over to our VIP Membership. It's completely free to do so.


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            The site has always used cookies, it's how it remembers who you are. We are using the same amount of cookies as when the site started


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              Cookieace's plan is coming into play