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How-To: C20XE Bike Carbs

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  • [All Models] How-To: C20XE Bike Carbs

    i thought this information might be useful for anyone thinking about fitting bike carbs.

    megajolt setup
    Megajolt ECUs for Vauxhall/Opel engines

    Autosport Labs
    here is some pictures and information for R1 carbs that i put onto my c20xe

    this is what the carbs look like the fuel inlet is in the middle underneath the carbs.

    the best fuel pump to use is the r1 pump, it has a built in regulator. when you are wiring in the pump
    make sure you dont mix up the wires because the pump will burn out! the earth is the black wire.

    you will need to get a manifold made, these can be got off boggs brothers, i made my own manifold. the flanges are on ebay from time to time.

    you will need a alternator adjusting bracket, i made my own one

    the main jets need to be drilled out to 1.8mm for a c20xe these are the middle jets in the second pic.

    for the ignition set up you can use a mk2 cavalier ignition set up or megajolt setup which is what i used.

    wiring diagram

    if you use megajolt you will have to move the new coil up so the plug leads will reach. i modified the old one, you will need ford ends on your plug leads, again ebay has leads for this ir use 2.0 1995 mondeo ones and modify the ends.

    to connect the carbs to the manifold i used 42mm water pipe and jubliee clips

    all fitted


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    Great little guide! Helped me convert my x14xe!