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Corsa 1.3 Diesel Ecoflex Coil light problem.

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  • Corsa 1.3 Diesel Ecoflex Coil light problem.

    Last year I had a problem with the coil light coming on and flashing. I took it to the Vauxhall garage and they found that the problem was the particulate filter needing to refresh itself. They done a force clean and told me that if I continue to do a lot of town driving I should periodically take it for a long run to clear itself. I now have noticed that the coil light comes and flashes, yet after a mile or so it goes out, this happens everytime the ignition is switched off. There doesn't seem to be a drop in performance so I don't know what the matter is, any help out there?

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    Hi welcome to the forum
    Is it possible your journeys are still too short or gentle for a full regeneration to be completed? . You might be able to force a regeneration by deliberately driving in 3rd gear at high revs (3500 -4000 RPM ) until re generation starts. Do this on a journey you expect to then continue for long enough for the regeneration to be completed .Even if you have to make a special trip for that purpose. The bulk of the journey can be done at more normal revs,but maybe in 4th rather than 5th gear.


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      Thanks for that, I did get this sort of information from the Vauxhall garage but they didn't explain it very well. I posted the problem because the flashing coil light now goes out after a mile or so, this seems strange! I will do as you told me and take it on a special journey keeping the revs above 20,000. 


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        I hope 20,000 revs is a typo or you wont get far, especially in a Diesel . 3500 to 4000 rpm should be enough. . Let us know how you get on.

        Incidentally I dont know much about this re generation malarkey as my car is not fitted with a particulate filter , even though it was first registered new in December
        2010 ( in Bulgaria.) Euro 5 was introduced in september 2009 but only compulsory for cars first registered from 1 January 2011 . I suspect Opel Bulgaria bought up the last euro 4 cars at a discount and pre registered them just in time to beat the deadline.

        But even without a particulate filter I find my 1.3cdti sometimes idles a little more smoothly after an "Italian tuneup" (ie a good thrashing at higher than my normal revs) I think it helps clean up the fuel injectors.
        Dirty injectors is a particular problem in eastern europe where you are sometimes sold lower grade and dirtier TIR truck diesel even though its says euro diesel on the pump.


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          I gave to many 0's in my text, I will let the forum know how I get on. Thanks