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mixed up camshafts

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  • [Corsa C] mixed up camshafts

    Hi I have stripped down My Corsa C 1.0 and stupidly took the cogs off of the cams, now I am worried incase I fit the timing cog on the wrong cam,is there any difference that will help me out please. many thanks Corsagirl

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    Hi welcome to the forum

    As far as I am aware the actual sprockets are both the same. If they are different they should each have a different part numbers stamped on them. Google this part number to find out which one is which. I think it may be part number GM 55302831

    If you believe you have mixed up the camshafts themselves these do have different part number stamped on them about halfway along. I believe that part number GM 55567791 is the inlet and GM 55567798 is the exhaust, but its better you double check this yourself by googling.

    If they are an aftermarket brand they may only have part numbers unique to that maker. You might then need to research further to find compatibility, maybe from the makers own web site
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