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  • [Corsa D] Turbo location

    Hi my first posting here! Please help I'm trying to locate the turbo on my 1.4 turbo corsa d black edition, as I have a super chip to install
    thanks in advance

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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    The turbo itself is located at the front of the engine near the radiator ,at the exhaust manifold. It looks something like this
    Vauxhall Turbochargers | Vauxhall Car Turbocharger | Euro Car Parts

    But I dont think you need to know where the turbo is located to fit a superchip. Unless I misunderstand what you mean by a ' super chip it is an electrical device that plugs in to the cars electronic control unit/management system to 'remap' how the car controls the activation of the turbo (eg increasing its boost pressure etc).

    I dont know where or how your one will be connected, but it could even plug in inside the car, under the dashboard near the pedals. Its unlikely to be anywhere near the turbo itself which gets very hot.


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      Thank you for your reply, being blonde! I should of asked were are the turbo sensors I have a race chip to install, I'm now sick of looking under the bonnet looking at sensors


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        The blonde and the greybeard. It was doomed from the start!

        I presume you have fitting instructions from the manufacturer. It could be an expensive mistake trying to fit it without those. You might brick the ecu or something. If you are having difficulty interpreting the instructions, or locating a particular sensor, connection point ,etc referred to in the instructions (not a blonde thing, it happens to us all ) try posting a link to (or clear photo of) the instructions on this site.

        If you detail the specific problem someone may be able to help.


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          I found it I fitted a race chip super fast !! I was sceptical but deffo happy
          Sensor comes off turbo by manifold