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How-To: Replace Rear Brake Shoes

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  • [Corsa B] How-To: Replace Rear Brake Shoes

    After being asked by a few members on here, I've decided to put this tutorial up.

    Tools needed.
    A pair of pliers.
    17mm and 24mm sockets.
    Jack and axle stands.
    Wheel brace or you could use a beaker bar.
    Flat headed screwdriver.

    Step 1.
    Loosen all 4 wheel bolts and jack up the car. Using a set off axle stands to support the car whist you work on it.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket
    Step 2.
    Remove the wheel.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket

    Step 3.
    Remove the dust cover using a flat headed screwdriver.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket

    Step 4.
    Using a pair of pliers, bend the split pin and pull it out. Once this is done loosen the nut and remove the wheel bearing.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket
    ]"]Error | Photobucket
    ]"]Error | Photobucket
    You can now remove the drum.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket

    Step 5.
    Unhook the upper return spring.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket

    Then using a pair of pliers, remove the spring cup by depressing and turning it through 90 degrees. Then lift off the spring and retainer pin. Do this to both sides.
    ]"]Photobucket Exception

    You will then have something that looks like this.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket
    ]"]Error | Photobucket
    ]"]Error | Photobucket

    Step 6.
    Get your new brake shoes out off the box.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket

    Step 7.
    Install the front shoe and lower return spring and secure it in position with the retaner pin, spring and cap. Engage the rear brake shoe with the handbrake cable, and locate the shoe on the backplate.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket

    Step 8.
    Refit the adjuster strut, noting that the longer, straight part of the fork must be behind the shoe.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket
    Then refit the adjuster lever and spring, making sure that the spring is correctly in the front brake shoe.
    Make sure that both shoes are correctly aligned with the wheel cylinder, then install the upper return spring.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket
    Sorry about the crap picture above.

    Step 9.
    Refit the drum and bearing make sure you pack out the bearing with fresh grease and tighten it until the drum doesn't spin freely, then back it off slightly. And check it for play once the wheel is back on.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket
    ]"]Error | Photobucket
    ]"]Error | Photobucket
    Don't forget to put the split pin back in. (You might want to use a new one)

    Then fit the dust cap back on.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket

    Step 10.
    Once both sets of rear brake shoes have been renewed, with the handbrake fully released, adjust the lining-to-drum clearance by repeatedly depressing the brake pedal at least 20 to 25 times. Whilst depressing the pedal, have an assistant listen to the rear drums, to check that the adjuster strut is functioning correctly, if so, a clicking sound will be emitted by the strut as the pedal is depressed.

    Check and, if necessary, adjust the handbrake cable from under the car.

    Step 11.
    Put your wheels back on and jack the car up and remove the axle stands. Tighten up all your wheel bolts and you done.

    You have now manage to change your rear brake shoes.

    15-30 depending on where you get your brake shoes from.

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    I used this ages ago, but never realised how good this write-up was till I saw others. Excellent and great pics too. Cheers!