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Buying a used Corsa B (Bodywork)

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Buying a used Corsa B (Bodywork)

    The Front:

    The earliest of these were 1993 and being the "Baby of the bunch" were extremely flimsey so look for:

    .Accident damage as the chassis legs are designed to collapse to absorbe impacts
    Rust around the headlights and the corners of the cross member

    .The drain in the bulkhead also clogs and starts to hold water, which in turn corrodes away around the Brake Servo and leaks into the cockpit, Worse case is the brake servo moving about while breaking and so reducing your brakes!

    I havent come accross any chassis rot on them surprisingly, that said, there may be some so look well!

    The Sides:

    .Doors can be battered off walls etc so watch for this and use it as a bargining tool.
    .Wings are the same but can rot at the bottom and around the indicator.
    .Sills are paper thick and do rot nicely, sometimes from the inside out the way and inner sills are tricky to repair

    The bottom of the B Pillars often crack due to GM's poor design. There isnt any realy way to prevent this short of fitting a roll cage but if you're having it repaired, make sure its done properly

    The Rear:

    .Bootlids!! Are rubbish. Very light and dent easily and examples with rear wipers are a disaster. The Wiper bushings are too light and so allow the wiper to move about and elongate the wiper hole, which rots and then you're left with a big hole!

    .The lower rear Panel also catches mud and damp and rots from the bottom up the way. The best solution for this IMO is to just cut it off at the bottom and seal it up to prevent further rusting. It does hold the bottom of the bumper in place but they're light and well mounted at the top and sides. I've had no problem with them.

    .The Boot Floor is a water trap as some of the gutters are arse ways so they all seem to rust in the same place. This should be obvious as soon as you lift the carpet.
    Due to the rear panel rusting you can sometimes get rust on the side of the wheel well like so.

    All that aside, these are cracking motors, hugely tunable in every way and have a massive bay when its empty.

    bonnet rust under front lip watch out for this as it can be worse than it looks at first glance but is repairable

    Its also worth mentioning that Chassis strengthening kits are a fantastic and relitavely cheap upgrade that'll make your car more rigid, stronger and help cope with big power increases. I've 2 of my 4 done this way and you can actually feel the difference.
    hope this help a few people when getting a corsa
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    Originally posted by Vegas
    When I hit boost me fuel runs out

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    Coleman, this has duplicate images/content nearer the end, needs re-doing.
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      Originally posted by Vegas
      When I hit boost me fuel runs out


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        Awesome stuff, cheers for uploading
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          Excellent article.

          It would seem that water also enters behind the rear wheel outer trim and thanks to the design, flows down rotting the end of the chassis. It would also seem to be rotted by splashing waer from the rear wheel.

          The underseal does not seem to be great in this area.


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            Why are you always managing to dig out really old threads?


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              Its still very much relevant - even more so as it is in the tutorial section.

              Are we not allowed to comment on threads irrespective of their age? Even then when the comment may be of value - which in my opinion mine may be to someone?

              I am not aware of other old threads I dig out - bar only one of my own, which I think may be of benefit.


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                It's perfectly fine to dig up old threads if there's use in them. Otherwise we'd lock them.
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