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How to: De-badge your car

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  • [All Models] How to: De-badge your car



    Start with a pre-cleaned car if possible

    What You Will Need: Rotary machine polisher, hair dryer, plastic card, hot soapy water, AG intesive bug & tar remover, a polish with abrasives in (like tcut), AG super resin polish, Quick Detailing spray, applicator pads, microfibre cloths... and a can of lager.

    1. Heat the badge up (not much) with the hairdryer

    2. get your plastic card and prise the badge off by sliding it just behind the badge itself, heat up more if necessary (to soften glue)

    3. when the badge is off, you will have an are where the badge was, looking like this

    4. get your hairdryer again and heat the glue residue that was left behind (again, not much)

    5. soak the area in the hot soapy water

    6. get your card again and start to 'scrape' the glue off as much as you can, dont press to hard as you may inflict scratches, keep applying hot soapy water if necessary, just get as much glue off as possible

    7. once you feel youve done as much as you can with the soap and card, you will have the area looking something like this

    8. now get your bug and tar remover, apply to an applicator pad and soak the area, pressing firmly so that the remaining glue soaks in the liquid well.

    9. get your card again and gently scrape the remaining glue away, applying more bug and tar remover if necesary, untill all the resdue is off your paintwork

    10. clean down the whole area once again with hot soapy water

    11. dry, and you will have it looking something like this

    12. now get your abrasive polish (like tcut) apply a small amount (enough for the area) on the machine polisher pad and gently go over the area with the machine, increasing the speed every so often (not too fast though)

    13. Buff off with a microfibre

    14. now get your super resin polish and repeat the same as step 12
    (you can repeat this step as much as you like)

    15. Buff off really well, then give it a quick spray of your quick detailer, buff off again

    Now you're done!

    may seem a bit long winded, but i think this is the best and safest way to do it.

    final result pictures

    Originally posted by Vegas
    When I hit boost me fuel runs out

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    Thanks to JB for the tutorial.
    Originally posted by Vegas
    When I hit boost me fuel runs out


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      Tried this the other day, worked a treat. However, I have some of the glue left over in an outline of the emblem, it's rock hard and won't come off :/ any ideas?
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