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Dealing with Corsa Paint Fade

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  • [All Models] Dealing with Corsa Paint Fade

    We had a red faded Corsa in at work, and I thought I'd post here on how to make the paint look like new.

    To start you want to give the car a good clean, and remove any tar & other bits of rubbish off the paintwork.

    I use 3M Finesse it to polish, although other polishes may work.

    I used a rotary polisher similar to the one below, with a 3M Yellow Polishing Mop. You could use a DA Polisher, or even polish by hand. But would take longer.

    Apply polish to your polishing mop, and run it over the surface of the paint in a smooth motion, doing a single panel at a time, preferably out of direct sunlight. There are loads of youtube videos on how to use a rotary/DA polisher, so find one of them for your preferred method of polishing.

    You will see some hints of red on your polishing mop, don't be alarmed. This is completely normal for a single stage paint that is used.

    Once you have done a panel, buff it off using a clean polishing mop or a microfiber cloth. You can then apply your wax/paint protection of choice.

    The paint will eventually fade again, but will look much better, and will be easy to keep on top of with regular cleaning/polishing.

    Some before/after pictures below.