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A glove box fix for the Corsa d

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] A glove box fix for the Corsa d

    A clever way to fix the glove box on the Corsa if it broken and falls off.

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    Use a 4.5mm drill bit and tuck the heads of the cable ties into the hollow sections at each end of the hinge piece, I used 4.2mm cableties abd was gonna post about this tonight, works well, also pull the two pins from the housing the lid fits into and put them in the tube as you tighten the cable ties, it stops the tubes closing up (I’ve not watched the video just incase he says it)


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      Hey... I did this and I can vouch for it. as it says at the end, it won't be snapping off anytime soon.

      Having said that there is only room in the box for the de-misting sponge... sometimes I take that out and replace it with the handbook... depends if the screen is misty!


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        Hey, sorry to bring up an old post however on my missus corsa she’s lost one of the pins - does anyone know if using the cable ties like in the video would be secure enough and not let it wobble or should I just order new pins?

        Alternatively is there a better option - maybe a wall plug/anchor type thing?

        Does anyone know what the size of the genuine pins are?



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          Hi Welcome to the forum. The diameter of the pins are 7mm, with 7.5 mm diameter setp 5mm long. Total length is 50mm included the 5mm step.