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How-To: Change Interior Roof/Boot Light Bulbs (Standard or LED)

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  • [Corsa C] How-To: Change Interior Roof/Boot Light Bulbs (Standard or LED)

    It's rather easy but for me never have done anything with a car before I still had to take due care, I was changing my normal bulbs to LED bulbs.

    So, might be useless to many, but hopefully this helps somebody.

    Interior Roof Light

    First take a look at the roof light, mine is the two button type apparently they is one that is not. So mine took 4 bulbs / LED bulbs.

    Using a flat blade screwdriver the plastic cover should just pop off where the "nibs" are at the side as below;

    You should see the four bulbs (Or 2 if yours is different).

    They were really fiddly to get out and I was hurting my fingers, it took a bit of time and a gentle pulling and wobbling motion in order to get them out as didn't want them to shatter in my hand, If you have a pair of small rubber pliers they may be a god sent if you have fat fingers like me.

    You can even pop out the bulb assembly if you feel its easier to hold the tray while trying to pull the bulbs out.

    So far I had fitted 2 LED's and still trying to get my 2 normal bulbs out (LED's can fit 2 ways, turn off power when fitting and test before putting it all back together that they are the right way round).

    All done so clipped it back in.

    Nice white LED's.

    For reference to what LED's I got and where, and they were a very easy install.

    Comments, Corrections and suggestions welcome. If this has helped you, please let me know or give a thanks

    Boot Light

    This one is a doddle, even for me.

    You will of course need the correct bulb, or LED if your changing over to them.

    Here is the old boot light, while its on - Probably a good idea to DC car batt or press and hold the button in with something so the light goes off - I did the latter.

    Using a flat bladed screwdriver, pry out the light where the green circle is. You'll see a small hole for this to be done.

    It will pop out like this;

    LED's only go one way, so try each way and test before popping back in. Clip back in. - Easy as that.

    LED purchase was from

    MFD Bulbs

    First start by removing the airflow controllers by using a flat headed screwdriver and unclipping them. (Do not force).

    Remove the four screws to remove the trim;

    You can slide off the hazard switch behind the second piece of plastic.

    Two screws for the MFD Unit;

    Press the clip in and slide the lever to the side (left from this photo) this will unlock the power/data connector.

    The old bulbs are released by twisting 90'degress anti clock wise - they are quite stiff so be careful, pliers work great.

    Put in your LED's and test, they wont work if inserted the wrong way like a normal bulb.

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    MFD Bulb change guide added.
    Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 CDTi SRi - New Car
    Black 1.2 Corsa SXI Project - Sold
    Aruba Blue 1.0 Corsa Project - Sold