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How-To: Fit An Omega Variable Frequency Wiper Stalk

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] How-To: Fit An Omega Variable Frequency Wiper Stalk

    This tutorial will show you how to easily fit and wire in a fully functional Vauxhall Omega wiper stalk with working adjustable intermittent wiper frequency wheel.

    What you'll need
    • 1x Omega stalk with wheel adjuster
      • Omega Saloon will have no rear wiper
      • Omega estate will have the rear wiper
      • I think it's the V6 models that will also have the computer controls on the end of the stalk. This is obviously something that can't be used on the Corsa but it doesn't matter if it's there or not.

    • 1x wiper relay from the Omega

    Tools needed
    • Positive head screw driver
    • Wire strippers
    • Soldering iron

    Step 1

    Firstly you want to remove the steering column shrouds. There are two screws behind the steering wheel and 3 screws underneath.

    Step 2

    Next you want to disconnect the brown wire that connects to the pin coming out from behind the steering wheel. This makes the wiper loom far more maneuverable and accessible.

    Step 3

    To disconnect the old wiper stalk from its mount push down on the clip indicated by the red arrow. There is another one underneath that you want to press at the same time and then you can slide the wiper stalk out to the right.

    Step 4

    To remove the stalk from the loom you need to pull the tab up shown by the red arrow, there is another one underneath as well.

    Step 5

    You'll notice on the Omega stalk there will be a small extra loom. The yellow/black wire and the white/black wire need to be snipped and stripped.

    Step 6

    On the loom you need to identify the yellow/black wire and snip and strip it on both sides.

    Step 7

    I don't have a soldering iron so did the short cut of just using some wire connecting blocks. But at this point you want to ideally solder the wires together to effectively wire the small extra Omega stalk loom in series to the Corsa loom.

    So that's Corsa y/b soldered to Omega w/b. Then Omega y/b soldered to Corsa y/b.

    Step 8

    Now just tidy up the wiring, slot the Corsa loom and Omega stalk together and clip it all back into place on the steering column. Don't forget to reattach the brown wire you removed earlier.

    Step 9

    Now you want to change the relays. The Corsa wiper relay is located at the top left of the fuse box. It's just a simple case of swapping them over.

    Step 10

    Now just refit the column shrouds and it's job done.


    When the intermittent mode of the wiper is on, by turning the adjuster wheel you will alter the frequency of the wipe

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