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MFD/TID/GID Pinout and schematic

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] MFD/TID/GID Pinout and schematic


    This is the connector for the Triple Information Display unit fitted to most Corsa B vehicles.
    Click image for larger version

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    Connector Code: ZF 32-1

    Click image for larger version

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    Q. How do I keep the TID displaying the date after I ahve fitted an aftermarket headunit?
    A. Simple. The stock headunits provide a signal to the TID to tell it to clear the date so it can show what radio station is currently selected as the stock headunit had no displays themselves.
    What you will need to do, is simply remove/cut/disconnect wire 8 - RED/GREY - Stock Head Unit control. This will prevent the signal from reaching the TID and remind you of the dat whilst the headunit is on.

    Q. My TID only lights up when the headlights are on, or whilst im driving it flickers on and off.
    A. Another simple one. Simply remove/cut/disconnect wire 7 - GREY/BLACK - Illumination wire. This will keep the TID lit up as long as the ignition is on

    Below is the Pinout for the TID
    1 - RED - Constant Live
    2 - BLUE - Temperature
    3 - BROWN - Ground
    4 - BLUE/WHITE - Also Temperature - thermasistor connect between this and pin 2
    5 - BLACK - Switched Live
    6 - GREY/GREEN - Headlights - Supplies 12v when the headlights are on
    7 - GREY/BLACK - Illumination wire
    8 - RED/GREY - Stock Head Unit control - 12v when stock headunit is on. Date disappears so station name can be displayed in its place
    9 - BROWN/RED - Serial Clock - Used for data, not a time clock
    10 - BROWN/GREY - Master Request - Used to tell the display the stock headunit wants to send data
    11 - BROWN/BLACK - Serial Data - Used to send data to the display from the stock headunit
    12 - BLUE/RED - Speed signal - Resistance varies depending on speed. Hold both buttons for several seconds to enter test mode. Display will then show the current speed

    It is possible to read out stored trouble codes by pressing both TID keys simultaneously for longer than 4 seconds.
    Trouble codes are read out in numerical order.
    After all trouble codes have been read out, the vehicle's current speed is displayed (function test of odometer sensor, nominal value at a standstill : "00 KMH/MILES"). The TID then proceeds to the display test (actuation of all display symbols).
    This test is performed for 4 seconds. The TID then returns to the normal display mode.
    It is possible to interrupt readout of trouble codes and the display test by pressing both keys again briefly.
    If a fault is determined during the self-test or during normal operation, the radio display switches off automatically. The clock display remains functional.
    During normal operation, recognition of a fault may cause several trouble codes to be stored or displayed.
    For accurate information about which trouble code actually caused the fault, the stored trouble codes must be deleted by switching the radio unit off.
    Then switch the radio on again (carries out self-test of radio display bus).
    The trouble codes stored after the self-test can be used for trouble-shooting.

    Thanks to AJ for this tutorial!