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How To: Install a Dash Cam (Front and Rear Cameras + Reversing Cam Option)

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  • [Corsa C] How To: Install a Dash Cam (Front and Rear Cameras + Reversing Cam Option)

    Hi guys, I was looking on YouTube for how to fit a Dash Cam for my Corsa and found this video and saw it was on a Corsa C too.
    It shows how he fitted front and rear cameras and fed through and hid all the wires and then hard wires it in by installing a second power socket, he also wires the rear camera up so it switches on as a reversing cam too.

    It gave me a lot of info and thought it maybe useful to some here too.

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    The other parts:


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      Thanks for the information.

      It can be surprisingly difficult find a suitable place to fit a dash cam that is wiped by the wipers, not obscured by shading and is not 'in yer face'.

      Things can be very different depending on the shape of the camera, the car model etc.

      Here is how I fitted a mobius over the mirror in my Corsa D. ( Note. The car is left hand drive.) It just gives some ideas that may help others.

      Click image for larger version

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      The Mobius is very small and discrete ,and I didnt want to spoil this with a huge mount. I made a simple home made bracket using fairly thick aluminium sheeting. It is simply folded back to match the angle of the windcreen. It is rigid enough that it doesnt vibrate. WARNING , it took a lot of trial and error and test drives before I was confident I had got the positioning right . I did not stick it on permanently until I was sure. You can buy brackets that stick to the screen, using special adhesive pads made by 3M. But all I did was dish the 'foot' of the bracket slightly so it closely matched the slight curvature of the windcreen and stuck it on using ordinary automotive trim fixing tape. Double sided sticky with foam rubber between.

      Some people say this will not last but it has lasted over 2 years in temperatures between minus 25 and plus 42. Removal might be a problem. I believe you 'saw' through the rubber part using strong cotton then try to remove the glue residue.

      Its only later I decided to fix the camera by using strong neodymium magnets, so its quick release.. (I bought 10 for 99p on ebay. Maplins sell them but much more expensive) So I had to fix a steel plate to the alloy one. I used gaffer tape as a temporary fix as an experiment, but it does the job and I never got round to improving on it. And despite all my efforts to get the positioning right, as can be seen I used the opportunity to mount the camera slightly more forward. It would not be difficult to do a more attractive workman like job than I have done. It may be better to make the bracket in steel in the first place, but it would need to be quite thick gauge or it will vibrate, and may not be so easy to shape.

      I glued the magnets on using epoxy glue. 4 magnets are more than strong enough. One will hold it up, but might let the camera swivel .

      The power lead simply runs down the side of the windcreen 'A' pillar and plugs into the power 'lighter' socket.

      On the whole the system works well. But the corsa D has a steeply raked screen. The camera picks up quite a lot of reflections and distortions in the glass.
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