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Corsa E 2015 engine power is reduced

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  • [Corsa E 2014-2019] Corsa E 2015 engine power is reduced

    Hi All, My corsa SE 1.4 petrol, has a problem, a warning in display came on, engine power is reduced, as i was out an only 6 miles from home i thought i would get there, big mistake broke down at a roundabout, loosing all electrics. AA wiped error code and got me going, but display came on again, but i got home. AA did quite a bit of work saying it was computer, turned out not to be the case. A mechanic who services my car had a look, he said i dont think its the computer, he thought it was the TPS sensor. The error code was P0697 5volt reference sensor on circuit C, have checked for any bare wires, and any bad or loose earthing points but none found, fuses all ok, he has put contact grease on TPS ( Throttle Position Sensor ) and another one, and car now seems fine. But we have not found anything concrete, car has only done 7000 miles, code points to a sensor but others say it points to drivetrain (gearbox is auto), the strange part is, i get this weird noise from under fusebox, sounds like the washer pump motor, its not that no water etc, comes on about every 15 seconds then off for a bit, not regular, is there a motor for the EBS (braking system) under fuse box, could it be a relay going bad. I have done about 100 miles since it happened, but i keep thinking it may happen again, no fault codes come up, it seems that most of these problems are the TPS from a Vauxhall mechanic. I know i can spend hours at each sensor checking for 5 volts, but if its not in fault mode how can i find it, i have possibly moved or disturbed something, and may never find it, any thoughts would be really helpful, sorry for the lengthy diagnostics. Thanks Bazzamer