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How-To: Wire Up Corsa B GSi Fog Lights

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  • [Corsa B] How-To: Wire Up Corsa B GSi Fog Lights

    Well I finally decided to wire my Gsi fog lights and thought I'd do a tutorial.

    Tools need are.
    8 and 10mm sockets.
    Wire stripper.
    Crimp tool.
    Selection of crimp terminals.
    Philips screw driver.

    Things to buy.
    Fog light wiring kit.
    Cable ties.
    Some extra wire.
    Rocker switch.

    Total cost. 15.
    Wiring kit cost me 9.
    Rocker switch was 2.
    Extra wire was 3.
    Cable ties was 1 for 120.

    ]"]Error | Photobucket

    Step 1.
    First thing to do is remove your GSi bumper.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket

    Step 2.
    Grab your wiring with the plugs on them.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket
    I cable tied the fog light wiring to the wiring behind the impact bar.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket

    Step 3.
    If you need to extend your wire, This is the best time to do it.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket
    Once you've done that, You'll need to feed your wire trough to the engine bay. Then refit your GSi bumper.

    Step 4.
    Connect your wiring plugs to your fog lights.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket
    Step 5.
    find a place to mount your relay.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket
    Then connect all your wires to the relay. Don't forget to earth the relay and connect you live to the battery.

    Step 6.
    Now go inside your Corsa and remove the glove box and ash tray.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket
    You'll then need to feed two wire trough the grommet. (red and green)
    ]"]Error | Photobucket

    Step 7.
    Now you'll need to find a place to mount your rocker switch. I already had a hole made for a rocker switch.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket
    Or you could get a proper fount fog light switch and fit it in the space above the rear fog light switch.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket

    Step 8.
    Pick up your switch.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket
    Feed the green wire trough your hole you've just made. You may as well feed your live and earth trough aswel.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket
    ]"]Error | Photobucket
    The blue wire I wired it to an ignition live. I used the cig lighter.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket

    Step 9.
    Earth you switch. I earthed mine under the drivers side kick panel.
    ]"]Error | Photobucket

    Finally test your fog lights to see if they are working.

    Well there you have it, you have managed to wire up a set of GSi fog lights.