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Corsa energy rear brake seizing

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  • [Corsa E] Corsa energy rear brake seizing

    Bought a new corsa energy in October 2019 and it has now been back to dealer 5 times for same fault,when car is parked overnight rear brakes are stuck on,anyone else having this problem

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    Hi Welcome to the forum.

    I'm not aware of this being a particular problem, but not many of us have such a new Corsa But it can happen,not just with Corsas. . I have had it a couple of times on my 2010 Corsa when left standing for a long time with the handbrake on hard.Only for a short moment before releasing itself with a clunk.

    I normally leave the car in gear with less reliance on the handbrake, but this is not really a satisfactory solution.

    With an older car it might be due to a build up of brake dust, corrosion, worn brake linings etc , and may be sorted with a bit of cleaning, and using copper ease brake grease in strategic linkages etc..

    Part of the problem is Main dealers tend to go by the book. On a nearly new car , If the mechanism is clean ,and in good condition , and appears to be as fitted by the manufacturers, they may assume there is nothing wrong with it , or at best they will replace it with an identical new part still liable to the same problem. It could be something that might be cured with a bit of brake grease in the right places but if Vauxhalls workshop guidelines make no mention of this, they probably wont do it.

    Sorry, I know this may be common sense and does not really answer your question. If you do find out more, or it is cured can you let us know?


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      Thanks for that.
      Vauxhall have done all the things you mentioned,but there were times when the whole rear end lifted up,once when the dealer drivers came to take it in for repair.took to-ing and fro-ing for a few minutes before brake snapped off.I do notice that this fault is easing slightly over the past couple of days,maybe a reaction to milder drier weather.I have had four corsas in the past and have owned around twenty cars over the years and have never had this particular problem,I am concerned about next winter though.