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Slight wobble under load/acceleration and knocking noise at 60mph+

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Slight wobble under load/acceleration and knocking noise at 60mph+

    As title.

    Under acceleration the steering wheel wobbles a bit and if i look down at the gear stick that's shaking a little as well, never used to do this before. Wheels are all balanced, front coilovers, had new suspension arms, new brakes, track rids, anti roll bars etc. pretty much a new front end suspension system. Recently started doing this. CV boon on NS has came off a little but the whole CV joint is being changed soon anyway so it could be that but I haven't got a CV joint knocking noise just yet.

    I'm thinking it's the wheel bearings, I haven't checked them yet but wanted to know if anyone else had an idea what it could be.

    As for the knocking at 60mph+ this still continues even after new spigot rings that are the correct size this time. The knocking only happened after putting my new Ronal Turbo's on, I'm guessing it's because of the offset. This noise not only happens at high speed but also happens at low speed when going over rougher ground, like something is loose and knocking about. Noise is coming from my foot well area and is like metal hitting metal sort of noise? Been told this may be the steering rack or column but really hope that it isn't because it's a hella job and need to drop the subframe and everything to get it out/back in

    Cheers for any ideas and help!
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    Yes, I agree with wheel bearings.


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      You'd know if the bearing were shot simply by checking them. If there's no sign of a problem there then I'd suspect the two issues are linked, and since it began when you fitted the Ronal's try taking them off and see what happens.
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