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Strange noise coming from front wheel area

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Strange noise coming from front wheel area

    Hello guys,

    pretty new to this place but need some advice ,
    A couple of weeks ago I hit a curb pretty hard on the front passenger side
    ended up bending my wishbone , snapping my steering rack and slightly
    bending my suspension leg , all has been replaced and the wheels have
    lined up but now there seems to be a sort of whirling noise coming front
    the front of the car which starts at around 30-40 mph , the only thing I
    haven't replaced is the wheel hub , anyone know what it might be ?

    Any advice would be great.

    car is a corsa c 1.2 sxi

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    It's very hard to diagnose noises without being able to hear them, but three thoughts:

    1. Sometimes CV boots will make a noise like something rubbing lightly against a tyre if they get grit into them. It happens if a car has been steam cleaned, which may have been done when yours was being repaired(?). Try spraying a dilute solution of washing up liquid over the CV boots and see if it makes any difference.

    2. It could be the hub bearings - jack it up and check, compare the n/s to the o/s

    3. On the worse side of things - if you've damaged the differential they can make a whirring noise which usually begins above 25mph.
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      Was the driveshaft inspected when these parts were replaced as well
      Is there any vibration when traveling at speed when these noises appear?


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        I'm not the most technical when in comes I cars but I'm sure the mechanic said the drive shaft pulled out when it happened and it was just put back in ? And no vibrations just a kind of windy rotating noise . And thanks Taurus for the suggestions , car wasn't cleaned at all when being repaired and can I see the bearings from just taking the wheel off ? I probably should of mentioned the sounds gets a tad louder when turning


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          You can't see the bearing from taking the wheel off. They are pressed into the hub and really need a hydraulic press to remove them. I'd jack the front up and spin the wheels by hand - compare the two sides and see if the n/s is noticeably different from the o/s one.

          If you need to replace the bearing the best ways are to either remove the hub and take it to a workshop to get the bearings pressed into place, or go to a scrappies and buy a whole hub and fit that.

          If the drive shaft pulled out it would be worth checking that the locking ring didn't get damaged when that happened. I'd have thought the mechanic would have checked that at the time though.
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            Okay will check that this weekend , cheers for your time and I will let you know how I get on