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wheel siezed to rear drum?

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] wheel siezed to rear drum?

    Just took the front aftermarket alloys off my car and then went to the rear and after all the nuts were off the wheel would not come off the car?! I think they've been on the car for a few years and it could of even been stood for abit also, can anyone shine some light?

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    Few suggestions.
    **some dangerous so please consider the risks**

    Try kicking the edge of the wheel to see if when you kick the bottom for example, the top sometimes pops out and then you can wiggle it off

    Big hammer and piece of wood and try hitting the wood pressed against the back of the wheel to push it off.

    Or if all else fails (what i had to do) is gentle roll the car back around walking speed with someone with a trolley jack positioned under the vehicle to catch it
    Whilst it's rolling, jab the brakes hard and that's sometimes enough to break the seal of corrosion


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      Tried kicking the wheel at the top and bottom and tried hitting it from behind and no i have 15" alloys on the back and 13" steels on the front


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        Different metals in close proximity + water/salt = welding the two together pretty solid. Always use a dab of copper assembly grease on the backs of the wheels.

        Usually a block of wood to protect the wheel and a good sized lump hammer will shift them eventually. Try getting some Plusgas down there, then spray with WD40. The WD40 is a dispersant so it drives the Plusgas into the joint between the two. Don't just hammer the wheel away from the hub, sometimes hammering it onto the hub breaks the bond better.

        If it's really bad you can end up breaking the alloys, so be as careful as you can.
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          Trust not worried about the alloys at all haha


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            In that case a few good blows to the front surface of the wheel will usually break the bond.
            1972 Viva restoration thread -