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1.28v to c16se MPI - checklist/ a question or 2 as well.

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] 1.28v to c16se MPI - checklist/ a question or 2 as well.

    Hi guys

    new on here but used to frequent AC and still do on CS but thought I would join up and partake in the forum here as well!

    anyway I have a question to ask you guys as I am converting my 1.2 8v corsa to run a c16se this month, I just want to run by what I have got and see that I have everything (better than doing this on my xmas break and forgetting something lol) as I realise I need some bits from a c14se, like the rubber hoses and little bits I have hopefully got it all here?

    currently have the following-
    c16se and box

    c16se ECU and c14se loom -been told this should work fine , can anyone vouch for this I know I have the air intake sensor will be blanked at inlet on my c16se and I can use a c14se rubber intake with the sensor in there( does anyone see a problem with this at all? as it means I don't have to extend the loom )??

    14se cast exhaust manifold so I can run standard system until summer time

    MPI fuel pump

    front half fuel lines from a corsa b c14se -(I saw from looking at the breakers the 14/16se and spi fuel lines have different connections- luckily got some from the sri just in case?)

    rear coolant / inlet rubber hoses I have that looked different as well

    got accelerator cable and brake servo pipe that goes from inlet to servo as well

    overall I have been planning this a while now and hopefully have covered everything? if someone could just verify all f that or advise me what else I may need to get it to run? please feel free to do so

    thanks in advance now of for a browse across your site looks very nice indeed !
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    youve been told right the c14 wiring with the c16 ecu is fine. the rest of your list is correct, did this conversion years ago for a mate, most hoses were 1.2stuff, apart from the ones at the back. dont forget to change the fuel pump.