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Mechanical help, URGENT HELPPP

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Mechanical help, URGENT HELPPP

    Just got the car back from the garage today with a new timing chain, water pump, coolant and oil

    stupid me then rallied the car home

    was flashed by someone to pull over to see steam coming from the bonnet

    my engine bay (battery side) was covered in antifreeze (sweet to the taste)

    engine temp is low, fluids are full.

    1.2 four cyl

    any ideas guys?

    Initial thoughts are that a system hasnt been bled properly, or some donut has poured antifreeze all over the place whilst filling

    oil doesnt seem to have emulsified so i dont think its a head gasket, i could be wrong

    i intend on taking it back to the garage that done the work and complaining, but id much rather have an idea what im talking about when i do



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    Fluids can't be full if you've lost some, is the lid securely and tight on the coolant bottle?


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      If levels are fine then if guess the tit has spilt antifreeze everywhere when filling or drain. Just keep an eye on it for a few days.

      Make sure your heaters are blowing hot


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        Cheers guys, will take it back tomorrow and see what they say, its defianately a weird one, i hope thats what it is rocksta, ill keep you upto date!

        and yeah everything is secure

        could it be built up pressure has found somewhere to piss out?


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          Keep your eye on the coolant and temperature. May be a loose hose, even a drip
          Will cause steam


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            Yeah my temp gauge reads <80 even after a hard drive, could it be broken?

            hot air blowers are blowing super hot


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              Be more descriptive in your thread titles in future please.
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                I would say spilt when filling if this turns and to be the case as the drain plug is on the bottom left of the radiator as you look at engine from front.

                Bottle side has three hoses bottom of bottle hose runs along the top of radiator to a T split on drivers side one into radiator other end to water pump

                Top front hose to passenger side of radiator top (over flow / return feed)

                Back left side hose runs back from throttle body which enters throttle bottle from water pump.

                Like said take it back and have them check there work.


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                  Sounds like it's got an airlock - unless those are filled very very slowly they're prone to airlocks. The fluid level can be deceptive and the temperature gauge may not be accurate - depends if it's the older type with the sender on the EGR valve, or the later type that uses the CTS to drive the gauge.

                  You do not want to allow it to overheat - they're good engines but very prone to warping if overheated.
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