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Corsa B ( X14SZ) Another Non Starter!

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Corsa B ( X14SZ) Another Non Starter!

    Corsa B x14sz, had engine light on for months, paper clipped it (thanks Coleman!) and it was the EGR valve. This was changed and everything was fine.

    Then about a month ago, the car seemed sluggish, lacking in power and very thirsty. It also had a non-start moment, it fired up went 10 feet and cut out, it did re-start after about 20 minutes.

    And now it's done it again, cold started, then cut out almost immediately and now won't start at all.

    I've done the paperclip test again and nothing shows up, it's got a spark and the fuel is flowing.

    Plugs look a bit sooty, but nothing too bad, spark is bright, battery is good and I'm stumped! Any ideas?

    If the crank sensor has gone, I wouldn't see a spark, would I? Where is the crank sensor?


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    Should also add, the car has always had a habit of stalling occasionally, when when slowing down and as you press the clutch, the revs would sometimes drop to low and the engine will stall.
    This has got worse in the days before it refused to start! Stalling almost every time, you come to a stop.


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      What year is yours and what kind of ignition system does it have? If it has an EGR then I'd assume it's got the DIS module type of ignition but with the older ones it's always better to check as they often throw up oddities.

      If it's been using more fuel than usual then and now not starting the first thing I'd check is the vacuum pipe to the MAP sensor. If you've got a multimeter you can check the operation of the MAP itself, but they are usually pretty reliable. Don't forget to check the vacuum port on the throttle body isn't blocked.

      The crankshaft sensor is on the oil pump bracket on the timing belt side of the engine down at the bottom - round the back of the engine.

      It might be worth trying a new coolant temperature sensor as they often don't throw a code when they fail and they will cause increased fuel consumption. Down the back of the intake on the single point injection models. They're cheap and easy to replace.
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        Apart from the DIS ignition, would any of these faults stop the car from starting/running or just make it run poorly? I'd be happy with poor running, that's an improvement on dead!
        I'm sure the ignition is OK, I've got a nice fat spark, not sure if it's at the right time though!
        If the ECU isn't getting a signal from the crank sensor, would it still power the fuel pump and provide a spark?