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Very slow throtle response and now won't start

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Very slow throtle response and now won't start

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    CANBUS is basically the system used to provide information from sensors to the ECU, and from control modules / switches to electronic items. In older cars for example a switch was hard-wired to a component. In a CANBUS vehicle the switch sends a message to control module, which then sends a signal down a shared loom which the item it relates to recognizes and operates. It saves massive looms on modern cars with lots of electronics.

    Reading your post my first thought was a throttle fault - it's fly by wire, basically two potentiometers, one on the throttle pedal and one on the throttle body. Usually when a problem occurs it's the one on the throttle pedal which goes first. (Usually, not always!)

    Looking at the range of faults listed - did he clear them before testing? I think they were from what you say, but my experience is that these have a have a habit of throwing a multitude of faults which are transitory and don't affect running, but they do leave codes in the system.

    If those are all current codes then I suspect you've got a control module problem - which will throw all sorts of codes, none of which are actually 'real', just that the faulty module is leading to them.

    I think I'd get a meter onto the throttle potentiometers and see what they're doing. You may get lucky and that's the problem. But if that checks out OK then you're into control module issues - and to be frank the 1.3 CDTi with the semi-auto transmission can be a nightmare to sort out. I know some workshops won't even consider taking them on. In which case set a limit what you're willing to spend getting it fixed and stick to it.
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      Hi Taurus, thank you for that. I will check those potentiometers and hope that is what is causing the problems. Do you you, or anybody else have any advice on them. I don't even know what they are or where they are or how to check them. I will google it but I prefer advice from a forum.


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        A multimeter can be used to measure the output from them. If you're lucky it'll be the potentiometer on the throttle pedal - at the top end of the pedal arm. You can check anywhere on the loom up to the throttle body to save crawling about under the dashboard.
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