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Corsa B 1.6 Sport Problems - Intemittent Cutouts

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Corsa B 1.6 Sport Problems - Intemittent Cutouts

    My cars been bothering me for a while now, when i start up it'l drop in revs and cut out unless I keep the revs up myself. When I'm driving it's fine no loss of power or that but sometimes it will cut out when slowing down for traffic lights, corners etc... seems the longer I drive the less likely it happens! Also it feels like it is using more fuel and a bit of white smoke when i start up in the mornings.

    So i did the paperclip test and got endless faults so i just stopped, these are what i got before I stopped:

    1503, 1602, 0400, 1502, 0110, 0325, 0200, 0170, 1640, 0505, 0335, 0105, 0500, 0130.

    Any ideas what could be causing this?

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    Sounds like crank sensor / CTS To me.

    Especially if you're having problems around temperature
    When it doesn't start are the spark Plugs wet?
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      Originally posted by Vegas View Post
      Sounds like crank sensor
      To me.

      Especially if you're having to let car cool down a
      Bit before it restarts.

      When it doesn't start are the spark
      Plugs wet?
      spark plugs and coil have been changed. the car always starts, just when its cold it under revs and cuts out and also forgot to say once warm at a junction etc, it will rev upto 3000 then back to 1000 and then back up! or once and a while iot will cut out again... sorry if i'm not explaining it proper quite hard to.


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        Well the cutting out sounds like crank sensor, but the dodgy starts sounds like coolant temperature sensor, now you've gone into a bit more detail it points IMO much more towards the latter

        The CTS is easy to change, and is very cheap too. It also helps with fuel
        Economy too! They got faulty so
        Often they're almost a service item.

        After the extra info and re-reading original post, I think it's worth changing CTS first,
        I missed bit earlier about getting better longer you drive it.

        Clear the codes and go for a
        Drive to see what comes up
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          Updated thread title to be more descriptive.


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            1972 Viva restoration thread -