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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Indicators flashing fast

    Got my MOT on monday and im away to a friends garage to sort a few things..

    just a quick one.. my right indicator is repeating very fast,

    all bulbs are working fine but repeating very fast, i presume its the relay and not bulbs ?

    I have bulbs but no relay/fuse

    i presume that is my problem ?


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    Fast flashing is normally a blown bulb on that side. Maybe one bulb is about to blow? Change both indicator bulbs on the side that flashes fast
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      Cheers mate, you are correct, even if one bulb goes they all flash fast, i think my uncle said it has to flash between 120/140 per minute for MOT so it would have failed,

      i replaced the front indicator bulb first and sure enough it was just the one, easy fix, thanks


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        Also and other MOT related one -

        My uncle has a diagnostics but no way of testing emissions, im sure it will pass but ive stuck in some red-x a few weeks ago,

        may it be worth buying some things from halfords today i.e more red-x, injector cleaner... etc ?

        i really want it to pass first time as im taking it way out of town and will have to wait around..



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          To halfords or not to halfords that is the question ?

          believe it or not the other car shop in town is even more expensive!

          im just trying to make sure it'll pass first time, ive checked and changed a few bulbs, pads are fine, fairly new tyres, brand new wipers, has been on diagnostics, both a portable snap on and a big one at a garage and all was fine,

          emissions is the only thing i can think of but the corsa is completely standard apart form a K&N which passed no bother last year and i only do around 3,000 miles a year if that.

          dumbass me booked in the car for tomorrow and its the end of next month its due not this month so i have time to give it more looking over but their is nothing else i can think of,

          ive seen the big MOT list and ive done most pre-checks..

          as i say only thing i can think of is buying some red-x and injector clenaner to make sure it passes the emissions ? or is their anything else i should look out for in Halfrauds ?


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            If it passed last year with no problems you should be fine this time round. Give it a good blast at high revs on your way to the MOT to get it cleared out
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                Stick some redex in and as said above give it a good kicking on way to the mot place


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                  redex does nothing, your better fitting new plugs. and kicking its tits in.


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                    I stuck in some Red-x once the throttle body had been cleaned out and it helped,

                    as i say ive got some stuff, the catalouge says increases fuel consumption by up to 40% if you use two bottles per year.

                    im not paying for it so ill see how it performs with my car, if at all.