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  • [Non Corsa] Astra fault Code help

    Had a few little problems with my astra (51plate 1.6 sxi) on occasion it has died on idle and when slowing to bear enough a stop, I put that down to the icv and have yet to look at it.

    Today the car had been fine but when I tried to set off from a set of traffic lights the car seemed to struggle then it died (by struggle I mean then engine seemed to 'grumble' it's hard to explain)

    So anyway I've driven another 5 miles and it hasn't died or cut out but it seems to struggle through 1st and 2nd, I have just done the peddle test which came back at p0607 but I've looked at the fault code lists and it goes from p0606 to po608 :/ anyone got any ideas thanks

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    Also the eml came on when it died today, that hasn't been on since I have owned car but the other light (the one with the car and spanner has been on and off a few times) the one with the spanner is the one which flashes when I do the peddle test


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      It's one of those codes that can come up with a number of things - it is meant to indicate a problem with the ECU itself, but that can be down to a bad earth on the ECU or low voltage to the ECU, so begin by checking the state of the battery and the battery terminals. If nothing there check the earth on the ECU. (You want a battery to read 12.5v with the engine off, 14v with it running. Check it with some load on as well with the engine off, make sure it isn't falling too much.)

      It's also been ascribed to the knock sensor malfunctioning, they tend to be pretty reliable but nothing lasts for ever. Sometimes low oil or a bad batch of fuel can throw the knock sensor, worth checking.
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        Thanks Taurus, car was low on oil but was topped up and the battery is a halfords one which looks new and the terminals on it are clean, where could I find the knock sensor and how could I tell if that is the fault?


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          See how it goes now the oil level is topped up. If you still get the code it's worth checking the battery voltage just in case, just to know for sure it isn't a voltage issue.

          Knock sensor is bolted into the block - not much you can do the test it. The only thing to do with a knock sensor is to replace it.

          Don't forget the ECU earth as well.
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            Thanks Taurus I will keep an eye on things