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Can't find the fault - Braking lights

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Can't find the fault - Braking lights

    Hi all, well basically i hooked up my trailer yesterday on my 02 SXI and pushed the plug in incorrectly, not fully but prob enough to cause a fuse to go..

    right after we saw the brake lights and the 'high brake light' stop working,

    i looked at the fuses all seemed fine, checked the haynes and it says 10amp on 40...

    but when i went to the 40 slot it looks like a dummy slot...

    ive tried to see if their are other fuses related to the rear brakes and nothing..

    could it be a relay ? everything else works fine, reversing lights etc..

    Thanks all.

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    Ive read it may be the switch by the brake pedal, i can't see any switch...

    but its strange this problem only happened when i had tried to connect my trailer..

    any suggestions ?


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      Im going to give removing the brake switch a go and making sure its all clean and working fine etc,

      Need this fixed asap so im just going over everything.

      all fuses have been checked and are fine. all other lights work fine also as well as all the other car electrics.


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        Without being able to see your car it's hard to say, but it depends how the trailer system is wired into the car. Some installations use a separate relay to provide the additional power for trailer braking lights - if you're sure the standard fuse is missing maybe that's why. In which case there may be a separate fuse and/or relay to deliver the additional amps needed when the trailer is hooked up.

        I don't have the wiring diagram for your model to hand, but elsewhere it says that the brake fuse is no.25?

        Fuses can pop without the damage always being visible - so try a new fuse in no.25 and see what happens.
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          Thanks, ill go give it a try,

          their was no relay kit with the tow electrics so i presume it wires to the rear relay for the lights,

          it seems like a blown fuse, as i say it happened when i tried to plug in the trailer incorrectly, or at least it happened just around that time.

          simply the top brake light and tail brake lights wont work.. ill go out and replace/check fuse.


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