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Heaters Won't Go Warm - VAG TDi

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  • [Non Corsa] Heaters Won't Go Warm - VAG TDi

    Haven't had to have the heaters on warm with the car for the last week roughly. Turned on climate control today and no matter what setting i put it to, it was constantly stone cold. Even after a 30 minute drive.

    Temp gauge is sitting slightly under 90oC (87oC?) When i was in heavy queing traffic and the fans had been off for about 10 minutes when i turned them on, they were luke warm for about 30 seconds then became cold again.

    Half of me is thinking thermostat is faulty. But that wouldn't explain the temp gauge sitting around the normal mark.

    Any suggestions?

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    Pollen filter would be first thing to check


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      Why the pollen filter?
      Air is flowing freely, just not warm.


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        Had it in the past were all the heat is dispersed into the blocked filter but flow still fine


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          check the coolant level, they have a habit of leaking from the hose connections. then check the air flap is moving, though if its seied they throw a code. next step is get it onto a vagcom and activate the flap, and the heater tap.


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            What flap is that Rob and how do i check it's opening without vagcom? (it's on my to get list, but not got it yet)


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              its the flap that changes between hot and cold. vagcom is good (my boss uses it) im getting vas5054 though. its basically a copy of the vw software.

              to test it, pull the glovebox out, and listen for the flap moving whilst going from hot to cold on the dials.


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                Was on lunch break there so popped out quickly to have a look and surprise surprise the expansion tank is empty.
                Thermostat is probably fine but looks like i have a coolant leak i need to try and trace down