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Possible Alternator Problem - Bought new battery.

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Possible Alternator Problem - Bought new battery.

    Hi all, ive had a problem with especially the lower gears and coming to junctions and the car cutting out or almost, so for instance i can no longer take a junction in 2nd gear it will have to be first or it will die/attempt to.

    i knew i needed a new battery so thought this may be the cause, got that fitted and voltage checked and all was well,

    its still doing the same, could this be due to the alternator not working as good as it should ?

    i see it running, when idle it doesn't run the greatest but not by any means bad,


    its a Corsa SXI 1.2 Standard.

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    Not sure how you've come to conclusion it's battery/alternator related.

    Is the battery lights coming up on the dash!

    When it stalls does it start up again?


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      You do need the battery to be well charged to avoid problems, but as you have just had a new one and had the charge rate checked, I wouldn't think that it is low voltage that is causing your problem. If the battery will spin the engine over at normal cranking speed, then the battery is reasonably OK.

      How is the car for servicing? it may simply be that it is due for a full service.
      If the lack of servicing is not the cause, then I would advise that you get any fault codes read, then clear them and see if they re appear.



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        Easy to check if your alternator is putting out a charge - measure the voltage at the battery with the engine running, should be around 14v.

        As others have said, problems idling could be a number of things - what year/model is yours (as the idle control varies on them)
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          At idle its fine, it starts no problem and if it does stall will start right away,

          as i say this only happens when coming down the gears or slowing right down,

          the battery has been taken out for a full charge,

          last service would have been christmas time, and i don't have a meter handy,

          its no problem getting it to the garage where i purchased the battery, i just presumed alternator as i could only think of that and the battery (which got replaced)

          I may get it on my uncles diagnostics and he may even be able to fix it there and then, but i was hoping it was something i could sort myself, an its the is the 2002 model SXI



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            OK - fly by wire idle control on those, so no ICV to look at. I'd check basic service items, especially the plugs, and if no better give the throttle body a clean.
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              Thanks just recently had the AFM replaced so maybe their is another sensor on its way,

              hoping i can get it on my uncles diagnostics by the weekend and find out. thanks.


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                BTW - By checking the plugs you mean spark plug ? and if so what do i do ? remove and clean with something ? make sure they all spark ?

                ive never done anything spark plug wise so i dunno..


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                  Just have look at the general condition, may show a problem,
                  Post pic of your findings.

                  If you don't know how long ago they were changed id change then anyway


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                    Full service at Christmas but who's to say they really changed the plugs lol,

                    ill see what i can do before i call my uncle, thanks guys.


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                      Ages ago... You be changing oil every 6 months really


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                        Thanks, should have it looked over today.


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                          Ok well as ive got a few hours to kill before work i thought id have a look at the car, having no money atm im trying to fix this problem myself,

                          i have taken spark plugs out and they have been well cleaned, the battery has been fully charged yet again, and i have half a tank of petrol lol,

                          anyway ive cleaned and inspected the spark plugs, all looked well, fitted, started fine, then i had the same problem.

                          it either cuts out at junctions or tries to when going into lower gears,

                          throttle body clean is next, just about to do that, i assume their is a guide ?

                          what would be next if the problem persists ?



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                            Throttle body cleaned, Air filter is clean, spark plugs are fine, it fires up fine yet im still having this problem.

                            As i say its only when coming to a junction ill have to drop to first else it will die on me.

                            what to check now ?


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