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vw caddy 1.9tdi running issues

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  • [Non Corsa] vw caddy 1.9tdi running issues

    right ladies and gents heres my problem... a mate of mine has a vw caddy 1.9 8v tdi. the cambelt slipped and wrecked the engine so he brought another from a 1.9 vw bora... (both use the same engine aparently) anyway he fitted the engine himself. turns the key and it wouldn't start. he then asked me to go an look at it. ive turned up checked it all over and all seems ok made up some coppies of the vw timing tools and checked the timing was correct seems spot on all the marks line up and engine turned freely.... do we tried to start it again and eventually it started with a bit of help by craking the egr wide open and forcing some exhaust back into the cylinders.... ran sweet idled lovely nice and smooth reved ok seems responsive enough. so it got up to temperature and i gave it a boot full to see how it reacted..... not good... now does this when the engines hot

    leave it for a few hours to cool down and its back to not starting so crank it over with the egr and it starts up fine like it should and idles fine... the give it some gas and back to the same rough idle and **** load of smoke..... im all out of ideas so any help however little would help....

    oh and no fault codes logged on ecu.....
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    It might be worth trying a new temperature sensor, but buy a genuine VW one, some of the patterned ones are rubbish.


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      What version of 1.9tdi came out of the caddy and what one has been put into it instead? There's a lot of differences depending on car taken from, year of car, power of engine ect
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        I know it's abit late to be updating now but when I checked the fuel pump it was to far advanced in idle, adjusted the timing on the pump runs sweet now.
        Take a look, Its old and rusty[URL=""][/URL]