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Corsa B 1.4 Idle Speed Help Please!

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Corsa B 1.4 Idle Speed Help Please!

    Hi guys, new to the forum & new to Vauxhalls.

    I have a 98 1.4 Corsa B which in my opinion idles to fast.
    Its currently sitting at around 1300rpm.

    What should the idle be set at & how do you make adjustments?

    Car runs really clean but sometimes you can get a whiff of fuel
    from tailpipe. Guess its running a little rich??

    Advice & pointers appreciated

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    Welcome. The idle ought to be around 750-800. There are no adjustments you can make as the idle is controlled by the Idle Control Valve (ICV). It is possible this is dirty and sticking, or that the throttle cable is sticking. Or there may be an air leak - but the first two are most likely.

    I'd suggest making sure the throttle cable is running freely and is returning to its fully closed position. Then give the ICV and throttle body a clean with carb. cleaner.

    Running too rich usually results in a lumpy idle rather than a fast idle, but check the state of the plugs. Black and sooty means a rich mix. Check the state of the air filter first if this is the case.
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      Thanks Taurus, many thanks