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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] auxiliary belt

    Hi guys!

    needed to do my alternator but my uncle thought there was an easier way then taking engine mount off etc..

    so undid the auxiliary tensioner bolt,

    Got the alternator off/on now I'm stuck!

    can get belt on but cant put on the tensioner because its slackened,

    can get tensioner back into the hole but cant get the belt on,

    I don't know whether where your supposed to put the tension tool has broken or just slipped in?

    the engine mount is off so i can see the whole side but is there a way to do it? been advised to put the tensioner where it should be and turn the crank trying to push the belt on the same time but haven't got the correct socket to do so...

    Thank you in advance!!
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    Refit the bottom tensioner bolt, then you will need the right socket for the top part of the tensioner and using that lever down against the spring until the two retaining holes line up, slip a drill bit into the holes to hold the tensioner in place, refit belt, take the pressure on the tensioner spring again and remove the drill bit.

    You don't turn the crank, you use bolt on the top part of the tensioner to turn on. It sounds far more complicated than it is - when you do it you'll find it's simplicity itself.
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      hi taurus, did this today but the retaining holes didn't appear from within the tensioner, the only way i got the belt back on was by undoing the alternator but then i couldn't get it on, is it worth just getting another one and making sure the company has the holes out otherwise it would be a pointless exercise? or when you mean lever down - i keep tightening the bolt and the spring would allow the retaining holes to show?


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        You put a socket on the top pulley bolt on the tensioner - compress against the spring and the hole in the lug (in your bottom photo) will line up with a hole in the timing cover. If you can't find the two holes just get someone to compress the tensioner whilst you refit the belt - just make sure they don't let go when your fingers are in there!
        1972 Viva restoration thread -