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106 1.5 Diesel Keeps Snapping Downpipes

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  • [Non Corsa] 106 1.5 Diesel Keeps Snapping Downpipes

    Bit of a strange one this. I've a few ideas in my head that might be causing it, but wanted to post to get other peoples views.

    Dad's 106 1.5d. 105k miles on the clock, unknown service history before we owned it but doesn't burn any oil.

    It cracked a downpipe a good few months ago
    Downpipe was replaced and when it was replaced, the friend who fitted it said manifold bolts were loose also.
    All torqued up and fine for a few weeks. Then brand new downpipe cracked again. 2 days later after driving like this, the mid section cracked and snapped completely. No rust / corrosion at either bit either. Clean breaks.

    Dad's friend noticed where the bolt joins the downpipe to the engine to secure it was really slack. So bolt had slackened, causing downpipe to vibrate and crack.

    Fitted down pipe number 3. Look underneath with engine running and vibrating really badly again. Few days later bolt loosens itself due to excessive vibrations and few months later downpipe has cracked again.

    Engine mounts "feel ok" but not 100% sure the best way to test them. Put it in gear and tried pulling away with handbrake on and checking movement of engine and feeling for any clunks ect. All seemed fine, but not 100% certain.

    The only other thing i can think of causing the vibrations through the engine could be the engine running rough. It sounds really chattery in the mornings and if you rev it hard when cold (i don't make a habit of this, was just to test) it shoots out a fair bit of soot from the exhaust. I'm wondering if maybe one or more of the injectors isn't firing correctly and is causing the engine to run rough and vibrate too much?

    Any ideas from anyone else, as a bit stuck just now and it's getting annoying changing downpipes all the time.

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    You could well be on the right track when you are looking at movement of the engine, either from worn mountings, which, from what you say, sound to be serviceable - or more likely (as you say) from rough running/poor idling, it could even be something as simple as the idle speed being too low.
    How you describe the cracks, sounds as if they are due to fatigue, so maybe the exhaust mountings are not flexible enough, which could also account for the bolts/nuts keep working loose.
    Not being familiar with the model, is there, or should there be, a flexible section in there which allows for a little movement? It might be worth checking on a parts list.
    Also, is there, or should there be an engine stabiliser between the engine and the chassis/subframe?



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      I don't think it's the exhaust mountings cause it, as when i looked under after fitting the 3rd downpipe i could see excessive vibrations from the sump itself.

      I'm pretty sure the exhaust does have a flexible section but i'll double check to make sure.

      I don't think there is any stabiliser on this type of car / engine. Just two upper mounts. One is on the engine and one on the gearbox. 1 x lower mouning on the gearbox as well and this is the one that stops the engine moving back and forwards


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        check the engine mounts, there one under the battery tray and usually a big orange one on the cambelt end. also check the one under the car. mine had killed all 3 by 160000


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          Going to inspect them all visually next day off and same with all the exhaust rubbers. I replaced them all on my 106 1.5 years ago. all were fairly easy, but the battery one was the most annoying.

          What one did you have Rob? Mines was an XND with no luxuries at all. It was a 1996 and dropped a ring in the engine at 176k.

          Dads one has 105k, 2002 and it's a nice Zest 2 with most of the toys. It's got this downpipe issue, need to re-attach the horn (it fell off where it mounts to the body) and brakes have went poo until you push the pedal through the floor (thinking master cylinder?)


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            phase 1 xrd, basically a diesel xsi, white with mille miglia spyders.....was odd, had mk2 engine box loom and suspension but in a late mk1 shell. bought at 156,000 sold at 198000, still alive at 270000!!! ended up 60mm lower, full piper exhaust, and a ph1 rallye box.