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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] corsa c no ignition

    Hey guys

    I bought a corsa 1.0ltr life 2003 53 plate last week with a cooked engine.

    I had a battered 1.2 ltr sxi 2001 52 plate up at my bodyshop.

    what ive done is built a good car out of the 2.

    the 53 plate car now has got the sxi engine in fitted plus full wiring loom both car and engine bay . everything has been swapped.

    right now the problem I have got is there is no ignition at all allowing the engine to turn over.

    the engine was running fine in the sxi at the bodyshop before i took it out and fitted it into the new corsa i bought.

    I am completely baffled now as to why all the lights horn and interior heaters etc work but ive got nothing at all from the engine.

    I have put the code reader on and have no codes at all.

    I have however got the yellow car with spanner light on the dash. this is constant

    any ideas??
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    The snag with trying to identify the problem over a forum is that we can't see or inspect the car - it may be something obvious like an earth that's missing. The 12v is notably problematical to convert due to the loom, but if you stripped it back to a bare shell and installed the entire loom from the 16v car then it ought to be OK.

    There's clearly an issue with the ECU if the light is on constantly. So I'd suspect it's a loom problem or an earth.

    It might be worth including your location in case anyone is near enough to have a look - sometimes a second pair of eyes can spot something.
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