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5dr & 3dr Suspension - Help & Advice Please!

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] 5dr & 3dr Suspension - Help & Advice Please!

    Hi all,

    I have a 98 5dr 1.4 Corsa B fitted with yellow shocks & red springs.

    The ride is much too low/firm for my needs so im looking at putting
    stock units back on.

    My question is :

    Will 3dr units fit?

    Can I mix & match?

    Is it a side of the road job with suitable axle stands etc?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    3 door and 5 door are both the same. Changing suspension is fairly easy. For the front shocks you need to take the wheel off, remove the two bolts where the strut connects to the hub and two 13mm nuts at the top of the strut in the engine bay. The whole assembly should drop out as one.
    Rear springs are a little more complicated, but still a simple job.

    Make sure you get your wheel alignment done as your tracking will be way out.


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      Thanks Sparky, that makes searching for replacement units easier
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        As Sparky has said they are the same between 3 and 5 door models. There is a useful tutorial in the tutorials section of the forum that shows you how to change the front. Only basic tools are needed.
        [URL=""][B][COLOR="#0000CD"]Big clear out of parts[/COLOR][/B][/URL]
        [URL=""][B][COLOR="#0000cd"]Corsa D Yellow LE[/COLOR][/B][/URL]
        [URL=""][B][COLOR="#0000cd"]Corsa B Atlantis Blue[/COLOR][/B][/URL]
        [URL=""][B][COLOR="#006400"]Mazda Eunos V-Spec[/COLOR][/B][/URL]