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Coolant loss/discolouration

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Coolant loss/discolouration

    Hi guys

    Noticed in the past few weeks my coolant level has dropped in the tank by about 1cm. At the same time the new tank has discoloured like so...

    Click image for larger version

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    Could the discolouration of the bottle be linked in with the loss of coolant? Check coolant pipes and can't see any leaks :/

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    It's a bit difficult to see from your pic, just what the discolouration is, could it be engine oil?
    Suggest that you remove the cap, run your finger round the inside and take a sample.
    Are there any other problems/symptoms?
    Has there been any further loss of coolant? - If air entered the system when you changed the reservoir, it may now have dissipated, resulting in the fall in level. - Of course,if this is the case, the level shouldn't fall any further.



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      Discolouration of the coolant can be caused by a failing head gasket, allowing oil into the coolant.

      When was the coolant last changed? Might be time to drain, flush, and refill with fresh coolant
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        Could engine fumes getting into the coolant cause it as well?

        Was the engine and radiator flushed when the head was rebuilt? might just be crap that's been in the block or radiator


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          Cheers for the reply guys . Topped up coolant and did 100 miles today and the level stayed put.

          Headgaket oil and coolant are less then 3k miles old, hardcore how could the fumes enter the system?

          The rad and head were not washed out which leads onto me thinking it could be dislodged muck as in the header tank there seems to be tiny bits like dust etc.

          Wiped the inside of the tank and the gunk came off with ease and it brown in colour, no signs of oil or petrol in the tank


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            Originally posted by Sam_Sri View Post
            Headgasket oil and coolant are less then 3k miles old
            Best just drain, flush, and refill. It'll probably just be muck in the system getting moved around
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              Sounds like it's just some rust or similar that's caused the staining. I put a garden hose in my thermostat housing and disconnected the radiator to flush the block then flushed the radiator as well and my coolant stayed clean blue for about 18k miles.
              Sometimes gasses from the cylinders can get into the header tank if there's a problem with the head gasket but i really don't think that's the case here after your last post


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                Cheers again guys ! Think I may get some coolant and try that technique thanks hardcore!