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2017 corsa 1.3td se 95hp brake problem

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  • [Corsa E] 2017 corsa 1.3td se 95hp brake problem

    anybody had problems with brakes failing on your car, we bought this one two weeks ago as an ex demonstrater with 4000 miles on the clock, brakes have been great since we got the car and much better than the ones on our 2014 model we traded in.last night I was coming up to a round about and I had to brake a lot harder than usual to slow down and seemed to be fine after that, today the wife came up to a junction at 15 - 20 mph and brakes did not stop her at all. but now seem to be working again??

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    Hi, welcome to the forum
    I'm not aware of it being common problem but its sounds serious. It could be the brake servo or abs system. Without power assistance modern brakes are noticeably less effective than normal. I suspect you both had the same problem, except you may have been able to apply more physical force than your wife.

    Its not something I would want to speculate on further. An intermittent fault like this is serious. I would not drive the car, even to the garage. Tell the seller the car is unsafe to drive, and they must recover it as a breakdown. They have sold a car in dangerous condition and have a responsibility to repair it. And do it properly. I would not accept them just saying it was ok when they took it for a test drive.


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      You don't say what year the corsa is .
      But possible faults could be servo unit or pipe work and non return value, vacuum unit on the back of the alternator. Or a leak on the hydraulic brake system, what's the level like in the master cylinder reservoir? .


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        Sorry I've just noticed it's a 2017 .
        Take it back where you bought the car from it's still under warranty.