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Temp gauge and lukewarm heat!

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Temp gauge and lukewarm heat!

    Hi everyone,
    New to this forum and after a bit of advice please. I have recently bought a Corsa Life 1.0 2006 with 73,000 on the clock for my daughter for her first car.
    Never owned a Corsa before so not that familiar with common issues etc apart from the obvious one of the head gasket going. I have done a service on it so have changed the oil, filter, plugs air filter but that is the limit of my mechanical skill. All sounds ok and runs very smoothly. The timing chain sounds quiet so hopefully have bought a reasonable car.
    The only thing that is bugging me is the temperature coming through the vents into the car. It is at very best just warm. Also the temperature gauge seems to stay on cold for a long time and when it finally does move it only gets just over a third of the way up the gauge. Is this an obvious problem or is that just how it is?? The engine seems to get hot and all the pipes to the matrix seem hot so is it possible the matrix is clogged up? Someone told me this about the matrix so don't know how true it is!!
    Any help on this would be appreciated and any other common problems to look out for as don't want my daughter driving a dud.
    Paranoia sets in thinking heat issues lead to head gasket failure so any help would be great thanks.

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    The temperature gauges on the corsa c always take a long time to move from cold .
    Yes the heater matrix can get partially block .
    Try and flush it out by disconnecting the two pipes at the back of the baulk head . There held on by a wire clip that you can flick up with a flat screw driver, then twist the pipe and pull.
    Try and make a pipe up that fits on the end of the copper tube so you can put a hose pipe on it and watch the flow coming out of the other end .
    Another thing I would change is the oil pressure switch, top left hand side at the front of the engine, one wire going to it .
    It's very common on the corsa and when it leaks it will spray oil out every where, and if you don't notice the oil, it can empty the sump of oil very quickly.


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      Thanks for the help. I will get the oil pressure switch changed. Hopefully that will cover all the bases for now.


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        When changing the oil pressure switch do you have to do it after the oil has drained or can you do it with a normal oil level??cheers!!!


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          No need to drain the oil , the switch is at the front of the engine top left, one wire going to it.


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            Thank you Restorer. Have got the switch today so will have a go on Saturday. Did have a look at a tutorial and is definitely something a novice like myself can do.