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Corsa SXi engine problem

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Corsa SXi engine problem

    corsa Stoneacre - Sendvid

    I took the car back to Halshaw and showed them the video. They decided to do their own investigation which was completed last week. Unfortunately they were having computer issues so were unable to provide a video of the investigation and provided me with a hand written note which is attached which reads ' Investigated engine noise, no major issue. These cars are known to have a rattly engine or noisy engine. The valve rockers make noise but checked oil level and everything ok. Timing chain is due changing at 100,000 miles so could also be the chain.' The car currently has 93,000 miles on clock.

    Have Stoneacre exaggerated the problem or are Halshaw playing the issue down as they are responsible for selling the car which seems not fit for purpose. This is why no one trusts car dealerships. How can one say it potentially needs a new engine, another says there is no real problem and the car is fine to drive. I did take out a 12 month warranty on the car but think this is not worth the paper it is written on.

    I am not looking for legal advice but would like to know if any Corsa fanatics can throw some light on to what the issue may be.

    Thanks in advance.
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    It's probably going to be the timing chain , there right in what they say about all corsa rattle a bit .
    But with that mileage 93k I'd say it's going to need a new timing chain kit.
    I've done loads and should be no big deal for a garage to do .
    It's who you can get to pay for it .
    If it's under warranty and rattling that bad they should be able to do the work on the warranty.


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      Hi I am not an expert on these engine or diagnosing their noises. But they are not noted for being quiet and their timing chains do wear and can get very noisy. Just a few observations.

      Vauxhall main dealers are not necessarily the best bet for dealing with issues on 10 year old engines. And certainly not the cheapest. They are more familiar with newer cars,repairing with new vauxhall parts. Was the vauxhall mechanic able to eliminate the possibility of it being the timing chain? With the car on a lift with your ear near the bottom of the engine its possible to assume thats the source of the noise. Noises can travel and I didnt see him using a mechanics stethoscope to try and pin point the noise.
      Also his diagnosis of 'big end bearing, or something' was a bit vague. He may be right, but timing chain is more likely. He is right in saying that with an engine nearing 100k it might be false economy to strip it down for internal diagnosis, especially at vauxhall prices.Problem is a 'new engine' is more likely to be a used replacement anyway.Cheaper to bung a whole used engine in than strip down the old one and try and rebuild it. But timing chain is different,Thats just an external job,not a full strip down and rebuild.
      As far as I know there is no set 'replacement interval' for timing chains. They can last 100K ,but basically when they get noisy thats when its time to replace them. Saying 'its due at 100k, ' suggests they are hoping you will put up with it for another 7k miles ,which is probably after the warranty has expired.Its then your problem. They have crossed out U.H.C. Is that the warranty company? Its possible a timing chain may not be covered by the warranty anyway. It may be regarded as a consumable. You'd have to read the small print.
      It may be a good idea to speak to trading standards. The fact you have reported the noise within the warranty period and got an independent report from a Vauxhall dealer may help if the problem drags on beyond the warranty expiry date.
      If it ends up that you will have to pay for any work I'd be inclined to seek the opinion of an experienced mechanic, independent of evans and Vauxhall before going to any expensive work beyond a timing chain
      If the timing chain does require replacement try and make sure genuine GM parts are used. Cheapo chains stretch and wear very quickly. But no need to use a Vauxhall garage for the work as they will be very expensive.