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Does anyone know what this is and if i can fix it

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  • [All Models] Does anyone know what this is and if i can fix it

    Hi all!

    Newbie to cars here, apparenly my coolant was leaking and when i saw where it was coming out i took a picture

    Is this something I can replace myself? What is it i need if so?

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    the car is from march 2006 but im not sure what its model number is

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    Hi welcome to the forum
    As no one else has answered yet I shall have to reveal my ignorance. I dont know what engine that is. It would help if you gave the engine size. (eg 1.0, 1.2, 1.4 or 1.3cdti etc)

    It looks like a heater hose going into the thermostat housing. The fitting appears to be plastic and broken,so needs to be replaced . You may be able to identify it on line

    . In theory its a simple job to replace. You squeeze the 'ears' together on the metal clamp round the rubber pipe, and pull the fitting off. Do this before obtaining the fitting as you might find the pipe is a bit perished and needs replacing at the same time.
    You also need to remove the broken plastic stub from the housing. Its threaded in so you will need to contrive a way to grip it internally and screw it out.
    Screw the replacement fitting in first before refitting the rubber pipe.

    Next you have to top up the cooling system using an antifreeze coolant mix. This can be easier said than done. You need to top it up very slowly and gradually to avoid possible air remaining in the system and causing problems with air locks Be sure to check the level at intervals afterwards as it could drop

    .If you are not sure what you are doing its best to leave it to a mechanic. Mistakes with the cooling system could cause severe overheating and wreck the whole engine or require expensive repairs. Same could happen if you try and drive it to a garage.


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      As Bugman has said, I don't reconise what engine that is either, just follow what Bugman has said.


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        Looks like z14xe if in a corsa. Cambelt engine. And thats the thermostat


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          Welcome to the forum.
          On my Corsa 'C', the union of the vent pipe from the top of the water pump to the expansion tank had a similar fitting (plastic) which failed.
          I replaced it with a brass one, as I didn't like the idea of a plastic one failing again.
          If you have an 'easy-out' (screw extractor) of the correct size, that would remove the broken threaded portion from the thermostat housing. Alternately you may well be able to tap the tang end of a file into the central hole and unscrew it with that.
          If you wished to fit a brass one, you would possibly obtain one from a hydraulic/pneumatic suppliers or engineer's merchant. You may also care to try Googling something like 'Union for Corsa thermostat housing',and see if there is anything there.
          Even someone like Euro Car Parts may have one, but a genuine Vauxhall one would probably be plastic again.