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HELP - Spanner fault light comes on and off on long drives

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] HELP - Spanner fault light comes on and off on long drives


    I've only recently purchased my Corsa and already I'm having problems with a fault light, I took it back to the seller for it to be looked at by a garage but no problems found and seemed fine on test drives - probably because the fault light only seems to come on when driving on dual carriageways or motorways for at least 25/30 minutes. The fault light is the one with the car and the spanner, manual suggests it could be a fault with the engine or transmission electronics? , like I say it only comes on after a long time driving the car usually on faster roads and will go off again after a few miles but can be on and off for long periods during long drives, sometimes the car looses a little power when the light comes on which is restored when the light goes off but only a slight dip which doesn't always happen. I've tried doing a fault code read with an OBDII scanner but it says it can't connect to the ECU. Otherwise the car seems fine on shorter journeys and there doesn't seem to be a major problem when the light comes on but it does worry me considering I bought the car to replace my old car that suddenly died on me and can't afford another one to die so soon.

    It's a diesel 1.3 corsa CDTi ecoFLEX 2008 model, does anyone have any ideas of what the problem could be or anyone had similar issues?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I had similar and it was a split in the boost pipe from the intercooler. Wasn't noticable on short low speed drives as there was barely any boost. It was a tiny split. When on dual carriageways there was plumes of smoke, no power and the spanner light. Turned the car off and the light went.
    Potentially could be that
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