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Corsa B 1999 1.2i 16v

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Corsa B 1999 1.2i 16v

    Hi all Corsa fans im very new to the car world but i have a corsa b auto and ive falling love with it
    i was wondering is there things i could do that would be fun and make my Zafira friend cry lol
    im into rally btw

    thank you all in advance

    p.s i can put pictures up let me know

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      Hi. Welcome to the forum Sorry to start on a negative note but as Durgaman80 says the easytronic has not got the best of reputations. Its not the best starting point if you hope for fire spitting WRC rally car! You might get many miles of trouble free motoring from it . But if it develops a fault in the easytronic system there is a good chance the cost of repairs in parts and labour will exceed the value of the car. Many easytronic cars that are otherwise in excellent condition are scrapped because of this one issue. So either sell it soon in good working order, or have fun with it but reconcile yourself to possibly having to scrap it early. Personally i wouldnt spend too much money personalising it , or becoming too attached to it. Limit improvemenst to those that cost little but your own efforts, or can be removed and reused or sold.


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        thank you guy i think ill go more cosmetic then as i can take it off wen i sale it