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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] New Clutch

    First post so hope this is the right place-

    This might sound "silly" but had my Corsa D SXi since new. Had a new clutch fitted today as I had the clutch "judder", high biting point and it started to slip. New clutch is LUK and as the whole kit including Slave Cylinder. Picked it up and really struggled to engage 1st gear. Upon driving it I also noticed the bite was sill really high (right near the top) and there seems to be a distinct noise coming from under the bonnet (this noise might just be me worrying). Other than this everything else feels great, "tighter" - if that sounds right - than it did prior to the clutch change.

    Just wondering if this sounds normal as I was expecting the "bite" to be a lot lower which is how I thought it would work and wasn't expecting it be hard to engage 1st (every other gear is fine).

    Hopefully someone will be able to give some advice, I do intend calling the garage tomorrow to ask the question but thought I'd try and get some input beforehand.


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    Difficulty engaging first gear sounds like the clutch is dragging. It may ease once you've driven a few miles but it doesn't sound right. Speak to the garage and get them to check it.
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      Cheers for the reply. First also wont engage when the engine isn't started. Have spoken to the garage and he said he will check the gear linkages. Does this sound the likely culprit.

      I also mentioned the high bite point and they said that "the clutch is set in a particular place and it can't be changed" - does this sound correct?


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        If it's not going into gear with the engine off then it's probably the linkage as they said. The bite point on hydraulic clutches isn't adjustable like the old cable ones - they tend to be at a set point for the life of the clutch. I've not driven a D (though our son-in-law has just got a new E so I'll try that sometime) but many modern cars have quite high biting points as that's how people drive them these days.
        1972 Viva restoration thread -