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tapping noise on drivers side

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  • tapping noise on drivers side

    Hello guys...

    i have a tapping noise on my side like i have a stone wedged in my tyre. ive checked all for tyre's and no stone and still a tapping noise.

    i think its maybe the brake caliper got lose maybe?

    its in the dealership along with many other things that they didnt solve so time todo it myself.

    I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.
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    When does it tap? When cornering, going over bumps, braking etc?
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      Try swopping the tyre around toseeif the tapping migrates with the tyre. You have checked for a stone wedged in a tread but have you checked more closely for a nail that could embedded somewhere less visible. a Rusty nail or screw can be quite well camouflaged, but would not necessarily cause air loss.